Friday, February 27, 2009

Early Morning Blogging and New Gourds Today

John is out of town so once again it was easy to get up. He left last night and is supposed to start on the trees on the Tyson Chicken Estate. I think it is amazing that he is the one to get to work on it. Every Company down there wants to do Tyson's trees and John got the job through his reputation. The problem is however, there is no one to work with him. He called everyone. Today I get to go to another knitting class. I am very excited and I am ready to learn to finish my scarf and start a new project. I have put a new gourd on my website; inspired by my new love of knitting. Today I am posting a couple new ones also. I will try to did up a picture I took over the last couple days because it just kills me to hit publish without a picture on here.

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