Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Quiet Weekend Ahead

It is just Caitlyn and I this weekend. I have 5 little gourd bodies ready to go to become bobble feet characters and I am going to make some more homemade bread. I am getting excited about gardening and canning season. I didn't can a thing last year and now I am regretting it. It is February and we have a tree service and the pantry is bare! I do have the canned fish but I can't bring myself to eat it. YUCK! Maybe I can find some locals to barter with. lol. In the basement there is a stairway to nowhere that used to lead up and outside until they added on so now it is the perfect place for canned goods. I can't wait. Let me see what picture I can find to post here, it looks like my pantry without something on it. Aren't these cute? Vintage baby booties planter. On my site;

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