Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look What I found

I don't need another craft. I don't need another project. I don't need another craft. This is my mantra. I am trying not to get lured by the fun typewriter keys that I just listed for sale. I love the jewelry that people make with these keys. look at this fun and YUMMY bracelet.

by RESIST the URGE! Breath! I don't need another Craft Project. Taking the picture of these vintage goodies was fun. Look, they are sitting on a tea dyed doily. Oh, busted! I am tea dying doilies as we speak. Ok, I don't need another project after I get done with the doilies. Since I'm being strong I am going to try to go to the evening sit n knit at Sprouts and work on my sock, not on a new knitting project, but... I am making new gourds that are very folk art, primitive inspired and I think I need to knit felted roses for them to hold. I don't care if I have all these things going on I am just excited to get my need to create back and I am getting super excited for the Gypsy Emporium Show in Westport next month.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Sock

Look, the sock is done. One sock is finished. I love it. I am very happy with it. I am struggling with the other one already. Maybe it is a sign. Maybe I am just meant to be one sock and not have a match.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday and Function

Today I am mid painting on a few projects. I seem to have the same thing that the rest of the crafty community has on their minds; organization. I even was featured on a blog about it. Check this beautiful blog out!

The picture is the box I made last night. It is pencil box in french. I am thinking cottage furniture will come out of my workshop this weekend so stay close and see what happens. I have to run to the yarn shop for Fridays Sit n Knit. Then back to my own organizing so I can be productive.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Gypsy's Are Coming

It's a new year and that means new shows! My first show this year is going to be so different and fun. I have only done holiday type craft fairs so this will be such a fun bunch of eclectic Artists! I'm a little nervous because I consider myself a crafter now and one day maybe I'll grow up to be an artist. Here is the Scoop! Here's the link;

Gypsy Emporium arrives in Kansas City!
February is the month to celebrate love. No matter who or what you love, Gypsy Emporium has it all. Is your special someone finicky, fickle, or just plain picky? This year, bring them to the Gypsy Emporium and let them choose a gift for themselves! And while you are at it, treat yourself to a little love-we won't tell.

The February show features these fine nomadic artisans in alphabetical order.
A Quiet Sole Reflexology-Relaxing foot massage ON SITE!
Aptrickphoto Fine art photography by Patrick Andrew Adams
Art by Kellie- Fine art prints by Kellie Bloxsom-Rys
Aunt June-Functional fabric bags
Banjoflannel-Up with handmade! Down with cold oatmeal! Handmade goods that don't look handmade.
Christina Vitale Modern Jewelry- Chic and contemporary jewelry
O and O-Beads and Jewelry
Glazed Earth-Functional Pottery
Harvest Of Peace- All natural skin care products infused with the healing power of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.
Jennifer Goode-Hand Painted Gourds
Paper Doll Connection- Use of vintage paper doll items to make interesting one-of-a-kind altered art note cards.
Polkadot Papoose- Baby Slings for Modern Moms
Revived By Design- Unique Yoga Clothing for Every Body Size
Stir Designs- Hand-dyed home and body accessories
Take a Halliday-Punk Fashion
The Funky Felter-The name says it all! Come check out the funk!
Timeless Treasures-Soldered jewelry and custom stamped sterling silver jewelry
Upcycled Jewelry-Come find out what happens to your old computer!

February 13, 2010 at 10:00 AM
February 13, 2010 at 05:00 PM

Westport Flea Market

817 Westport Road

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Front Page Blues

I made the front page treasury at the wee hours of 6am yesterday. I made a widget of it on the side of my blog. It is the beautiful teal collection of goodies. I have been wondering what are going to be the strong colors this year. I find myself still loving the teals and turquoise and light blues, however I suddenly am drawn to orange and pomegranate. "Anything Green is Good" is still top of my list of beliefs and color choices. I seem to only knit in green. So today I am adding the collection I was lucky enough to be included in on the side and pictures of some of my favorite things of color to this post. Enjoy and have a great day. Oh and I really want to paint a room gray this year. Yarn is from
Wreath is found here; Shabby Style Boxes

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Work

This Saturday I am rearranging rooms, washing and switching drapes, moving stuff around and knitting on my sock. We are moving our office out of the brick building up the street. It is a good move. We have tightened our little company up and we don't need the space or the extra expense. So, all of the craft stuff and vintage furniture I have stored there needs to find a home. I have started switching things around here at home to make room. I am thinking craigs list might be in my future for some of these big items. Well, I started in the kids rooms. They think it is great fun and have really pitched in. They love their new spaces and have new make believe games to go with it. I love that!

Look at the vintage boxes that are growing in my house! ahhh what a way to go, to be buried under my favorite things. And the other picture is the update for my sock knitting. I can't believe I am making something with a shape. I am enjoying making something with a form and a good purpose. Look at the super cute Stitch Markers. I got them from She has the yummiest chunky yarn

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In a Year from Today and 15 Before

Fifteen Years ago today I gave birth to my first angel baby. Caitlyn was born on Friday, January 13th after 13 hours of Labor. It was an amazing day and she still amazes me every day. She is gorgeous and has a 3.75 grade point average. She is kind and down to earth. The picture is her sledding with the kids. She's not too cool for it yet. YAY!

In a year from today I will look back at my blogging and say wow. 17 followers and 1 comment on a give away post. I am so excited to have friends to share my thoughts with. Thanks for checking my crazy life out. Alice has a hand painted gourd bird house on the way. YAY!

I have to go deliver a clutch to be rebuilt and a flywheel to be resurfaced and a throw out bearing to be..... whatever they do to a throw out bearing. Dealing with having equipment fixed is like pulling off wearing a big designer hat. Walk in with confidence and don't be intimidated. You don't have to know it all, just be willing to learn from the shop owners and be smart about what they are telling you. I have found that because I am a female in the Male world of Tree Service and Large equipment that they will try to sell you the whole thing for $800 instead of the seal you need for $11. Then I am going to needlecraft club with my Grandma. My favorite part of the week. I have to try to talk them into helping me figure out the directions for making the heel of a sock. The Grandma's might be more difficult than the Gear Heads at Kay Cee Clutch. lol

New giveaway next Wednesday so leave me a comment on this or any blog entry from today until next Wednesday the 20th and you will be entered. Give Alice a little competition next week. I'll think about what the prize will be on my drive to the city today. Don't worry, it won't be a Throw out Bearing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is Anybody going to San Antione, or Phoenix Arizona

I shouldn't be blogging today. I should be in the dessert. I shouldn't look out to see snow right now. I should be in my hammock with my hiking boots tied to one side and the sun blazing overhead catching up on a night of flying and hiking. We used to be able to pack up and be hiking somewhere by morning. We tried. We gave it our all! John and I couldn't take another day here in 5 degrees and our "Ramblin Fever" was coming out. One of us was bound to run and errand and just keep driving. So we pulled out the backpacks and gear and went through everything and packed and repacked and looked on the internet and found tickets for $220 roundtrip to Phoenix. When we were impressed with our packing skills; my pack was 21 lbs and his was 24.5 lbs. We decided we would have even better luck to just go to the airport and see where we end up. Have you tried to be spontaneous with a airplane lately? In Kansas City? It's not like Atlanta where there is always someone working and things are buzzing. We got there at 1:30 am. Yes We Were Completely Sober (just on a mission). The ticket counters would open back up at 5am.

We learned a lot however; ticket counters are not open all night, our hiking boots aren't as comfortable as we remember, 3 concourses of hiking just to see what is going on is a good test of your pack weight and boot fit, What time they clean the floors at KCI and I got to eat at a Denny's I've never been to before.

This is probably a good thing. Now I can run up to the snowy :( city and pay my car payment and I can catch up some housework. I can also post the new treasures I found yesterday while out hunting (before the whim to take off). I can also show you my new favorite local artist; Her jewelry is beautiful and you can see her passion for perfection and detail in her gorgeous photography of her products. I just love the rich color and artful display while in perfect focus for her subject. So the blog pics today are Ambers yummy products, oh and you can order from her blog. Super handy when it is 800 foot of snow outside. BAHHHH I want the desert!

Also, check out the patch I found while treasure hunting yesterday. I think I need a mechanics shirt to put it on! Also, I am going to start doing a give away on my blog. Here's how it works; leave me a comment and I'll draw a name and send that person a surprise! Ok, maybe I'm the only one who likes a total surprise so I'll tell you what it is. This week it will be an Original, Hand Painted, One of a Kind, Gourd Birdhouse like the one pictured and it will be signed and dated by me. So leave me a comment and tell your blogging buddies to come by and leave me a hello and I'll draw a winner on Wednesday. Oh, I think we'll call it Wiener Wednesdays.... errr I mean Winner Wednesdays. So the above pics are; sample of the Birdhouse prize, My new craft sew on Emblem, and Ambers Gorgeous Jewelry.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Ok, I promise to work on these super cool bird houses I have been hoarding. But having all these rug rats at home is distracting. I had to post a picture with the best reason to have your own Tree business. The skid steer makes great Igloo's! this picture doesn't even do justice to the size of this thing. Thanks John, we love ya!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birdhouses in the Snow

It is snowing here...again. Just like everywhere else in the country in the last couple of weeks. My picture of snow for today is taken from inside the window while I wear a big red sweater and sip coffee.

I have immersed myself in decorating blogs and all I can think about is color, organization and turning something into something else. sucked me in today and from there I went to I have also been dragging home bird houses and things in that shape from the shop. But it is warmer to look at all the fun stuff online than to paint in the garage, so here I am. While you are finding yourself sucked into the designsponge site, check out this great diy project of a grocery checklist. Oh to be so organized. But that isn't really my resolution. Actually I'm not sure if I have one. I'll keep you posted. The candle holder is my little creation yesterday.