Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Just a quick note to say Happy Halloween to everyone and show you a few things. It is show season so I am crazy busy and I love it. I am a much happier person trying to juggle lots of things at once. So, the first picture is Audrie's bumble bee costume. One of my first sewing projects. My mother sewed every night. It was calming to hear the buzz of the machine and know where your mama was. I had handmade dresses for every school dance. But, being a headstrong daughter didn't like taking lessons from her, regret it. So I know the basics but haven't done much. I am borrowing my cousin's sewing machine and like magic this costume came together from thrift store buys and fabric from decorating my niece's wedding reception. I will get pics tonight of the bumble bee in action.

Next is my little helper as I'm trying to take pictures of my gourds to list today and for next weekend's show. It is my favorite show because my Grandma lives there and it is sweet and fun and nice people and low stress. It will be at Silvercrest at Deer Creek Retirement Community in Overland Park. The street address is; 13060 S. Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66213 and the phone number is 913.681.1101. The show is Saturday and Sunday. I believe 10-4, I'll check times. If you would like to have a booth just call the number I listed and ask for Jill.

Have a Great and Safe Halloween. Jennifer

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bike Ride Sunday

We are headed out for a bike ride with the little ducklings. I just wanted to drop in and show you what I have been making. It is that time of year you put gourd crafting into high gear, but I got distracted by all the wonderful herbal scents I have hanging out so I stopped by the local drug house... I mean craft super store Micheal's and grabbed some soy wax chips. It was so nice to use in a double broiler and the essential oils mixed easy. I poured them into antique jars that are overflowing my shelves and voila my house smells grrrreat.

I'll let you know how the bike ride goes. My bike needs a repair and I think that I am the last person my husband will fix something for. Like a wise wife said to our buddy, her husband; "I wish I had your number." cause he sure could help out a friend and fix stuff for others. Ok, I got distracted. My bike only has one pedal so I may have trouble getting up hills, but I will be like a bullet going downhill. Sounds like a fun day huh?