Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three New Gourds

My goal was three new gourds painted today. I am very close. One is little, but I think it is so cute and fun. I also made a new frog prince and I am about to finish a new Cat Gourd Lamp. I cleaned today and had dinner ready and kids are doing well, so a pretty good day. I have been ignoring taxes, quickbooks and bills and I know I will feel better when I do it, but I can't look! John is going back to Arkansas and he will hopefully have lots of big news, maybe even life changing. I'll let you know. Here is my newest gourd. It is a little mushroom charm for a necklace or keychain or such. It reminds me of a fantasy book or game.

http://www.jennifergoode.etsy.com/ or http://www.sixsproutsdesigns.artfire.com/

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