Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Morning Planning of Gourds and Making it in the New Economy

Even without a working alarm clock I have been up by 5 am the last couple mornings. Why is it that when John is out of town I get up early and fine, but when he is here it is all I can do to get out of the bed? Is it because everyone depends on you in the morning or because the bed is warm and snugly with him home? I have the cutest Easter Gourd to post this morning. It is going to get some ribbon and have its picture taken but I love it! I haven't done one like it before but with all the new shape of gourds we brought back from Arkansas it just seemed to need this design. I also will post the neat thing I got from trading. I believe trade and barter will become a larger part of our society with the economy the way it is. Speaking of economy I baked 2 loaves of bread yesterday. It cost a lot less than $2 each that I pay at the grocery store and I didn't spend $3 dollars in gas getting there. Let me browse and see if I have a picture to go with this post. It looks bare without it. Uh Oh, the dogs just opened the door. Nevermind Caitlyn is up early too and looking for clothes. Ok here is my picture. I found this cool pin at an antique store and then realized it is not only a brooch, look; a lipgloss container! How fun is that! My vintage stuff is at

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