Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prim and Proper

I have been entranced with the Primitive and Grubby and Contemporary Folk art crafts all over the web this last week. I have been painting gourds inspired by this style. Here are some creations from this last week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Exciting Changes

It has always bothered me that my etsy shop lacked coherency and focus. How do my hand painted gourds go with my vintage? I have been trying to think of a way to separate my painting from selling vintage. I would like to get away from the vintage items that I do not alter and just sell items that have my creativity in them. This winter ice storm has been rough on my Etsyness and moving out of the shop has put everything into our home. My love of painting is not going to go away, but the need to store dusty stuff I pick up at sales is dwindling. Selling vintage was fun, but it is time to move in the direction I intended. I loved my time in the vintage resale world, but I get a lot more pride out of selling things I create.

So, Trellis is born. "Needful Things for Country Living" This means more focus on the gourds and our hard woods from reclaimed wood. It means hand crafted and handmade. It means creativity and nature. It means farmers markets and craft shows.

The pictures are things that I have created and where my direction is going. We do not have the shop on Main Street with the old bank vault in it any longer so it didn't make sense to continue with vintagevaultonmain. That link will still get you to my blog, but if you would like to change it it is now; www.trellisgourds.blogspot.com or you can just type in www.trellisgourds.com

I also look forward to providing gourds and patterns and kits. I am working on a fun new banner, so keep in touch and watch for fun new changes.