Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentines Fairy Gourd

Just wanted to show this off.

Actual Saturday

This is how I remember Saturdays being. Relaxed, slow, easy. Other than an 8am basketball game that we did make it on time to, the rest was no rush. Some housework, some etsy, some beading, some cartoons, chili in the crockpot. This was a Saturday.

Oh, and it wouldn't be complete without someone in the household dialing 911. hmmm

Friday, January 30, 2009

Frizzy Hair Guard

We were on the way to school this morning and Hannah was messing with her hair and complaining about it being frizzy, so her sister asked; why dont you use the guard spray on it so it wont be staticy and frizzy. She replied; "Because it smells like Father Larry."
I think my coffee came out my nose at that response! Who knew you could put the smell of the Catholic Priest in a Bottle and sell it?! Someone contact Rome!


Kids are dropped off and John has made it to Arkansas this morning. I am making my todo list and trying not to clean the house. I haven't been motivated to do it lately. Maybe because the internet sucks me in or because with everything that has been moved over here it is overwhelming. So, my mundane day includes; clean out the fridge, vacuum, grocery shop, finish the last 2 pages of copy for the website and pay some bills. oh, and wash the car!

My upcoming gourds are going to be a Rooster for Grandma and.... hmm not sure. I am about in need of a trip to the gourd farm for more. I can't wait.

The picture is the ice on trees yesterday in Arkansas.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Etsy Newly Listed Items

Okay, I'm going to rant to myself a little bit. I understand that .20 cents is a great price to get exposure and no one guarenteed me a spot anywhere with that price and I'm not even really offended that Etsy Admin has a bad rep for communication because I am new and don't know the history and anyways, I always saw the best info from sellers blurbs of knowledge in forums. What bugs me is that now an appology is posted and everyone is; oh thank you thank you thank you, but what is that post saying. We have all seen that if our items do not show up for that few seconds on the front page in recently listed then it makes a big impact in views and then sales. So what this new post is saying to me is that; I'm sorry and the trick to get on there is to list a bunch of stuff at once or renew a bunch at once. I'm a little guy shop that each of my gourds is individual and ooak, so there really isnt a time i'm going to fall into that catagory. And that is how my day panned out on Etsy. My newly listed gourd did not show up on the front page and had extremely low views today. Maybe my gourd just sucks. naahhh! lol

So in conclusion I feel that the Quirky, artsy, individual feel that Etsy seemed to portray and was even a selling point to most of us quirky artist has really become a sell out to supporting the almighty 20 cents. So list more and list more at one time Quirky Artists! We Are Sorry, just put more up at once and it will all be fine.

Thursday - Back to the Ice and a trip to Little Grandma's

It is 5:43 and I have been up for an hour and 43 minutes. Dogs have been out. 2 pots of coffee made and 3 egg sandwiches made and packed for the drive. Sleeping bag cleaned and packed and John is on his way. Still having trouble finding help to work. I thought unemployment was high?

I think the Post Office change to 5 days delivery is interesting. I wonder how it will affect Etsy and Artfire. I think it will be fine and every business needs to think of creative ways to cut back.

I am going to have lunch with Grandma Slusher today. I am looking forward to it but I really should clean my car out. I can't wait to see where she wants to go shopping. She is still the best shopper I have ever met. My mom is a close second.
This picture is the ice storm in Arkansas. Lots of work, but lots of Red Tape! Yuck!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday-Waking up in Arkansas Ice

John spent a warm night in the truck (with it running) in Springdale Arkansas. He has already spoken to many city leaders and it is only 9am. I am very proud of him, but he is stressed! He is having trouble putting a crew together. I'll post pictures if he sends them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It has been a busy day! John has headed south to find something to play with in the ice. I got caught up in Etsy Forums tonight and found and all its neat features. We will see. I am going to go to sleep in my bed and dream up gourd ideas and be ready for a demanding day of lining up jobs and trucks and help in Arkansas for John and He is going to sleep in his truck because there is no power down south and dream of running fast with chainsaws for the next few months.