Friday, February 6, 2009

Think about the Trash through the whole Process

You have got to watch the video on Yahoo's front page. It is a Good Morning America story about a man that kept his trash for a whole year in his basement. It is so amazing how such a simple message has been missed by America for years! America throws away more trash than any other country. The message in this is great. Think about what it is your buying and where it is going to end up as you buy it. Don't use plastic shopping bags, they don't decompose and it is simple not to use them. Don't use plastic bottles, it takes 100's of years for them to break down in a landfill and it is simple not to use them. And the part about the worms is even great! I can recycle my paper waist and still have bait for fishing!

So next time I can say that I grew the bait that caught the fish!

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