Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday was a Vintage Day

John headed back to Arkansas so me and the kids got around this morning. Two of the girls tried to sneak out with the wrong color leggings on under their uniforms and there was a fight for shotgun. So, normal morning. I then ran around and did banking stuff. Not enough deposits. Story of this winter. Oh, and I got a letter from the city that they have had many complaints about my dogs running the town. They are just making friends!
So today I finished a cat gourd, but mostly I listed vintage stuff today. I am trying out putting backgrounds behind my products to see the response. I like the results so far, but I am from the school of bright white backdrop.
Next week is valentines and the kids have a 5 day weekend. I was telling them how Arkansas had natural hot springs so I am going to try to get us all down there. I think they would love walking around Eureka Springs. The town I fell in love with gourds in. They loved when we went to Sante Fe, but John didn't so this time it will be me and the kids and he can work. Cross your fingers that I can pull off our little weekend adventure. Should be fun.

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