Monday, March 2, 2009

The Future's So Bright....

The sun is full force today and glaring off the snow still on the ground. John is climbing trees in Arkansas where it is around 45 degrees, but here In Missouri it is a chilly 35ish. I got 6 kids up and around and off to school cheerfully and then went up and opened up the shop. I love that place! I opened up the drapes and let the gorgeous sunshine in and took some pictures of wood to offer to people via my etsy and artfire sites. I chatted in forums last week to see if artisians could use our wood and got a great response, so now I just need to make it happen. The first project is a fellow etsian making a wooden book so I sent him pictures of some red cedar and some walnut. I need to make another Easter basket gourd today because I sold my one. Here is a picture of the Watusi that is hanging on the wall in the shop. I am looking forward to spending more time up there.

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