Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Knee Deep in Gourdness

I had so much fun at the St. Joseph's Craft fair on Saturday that I was overcome with the urge to do another one. I left some messages yesterday and got a call back from an excited woman who checked out my website and they had just opened up another room for their 15th annual Christmas Craft show in Lenexa. I wasn't ready for last weeks, how am I going to get ready for this one!

I have been inspired by Peggy, a Stampin Up Consultant who I met Saturday, to have a killer booth ready way before the doors open. I just haven't figured out how the Queen of Last Minute is going to reach that goal. Check out Peggy's fun blog and her pictures of her booth. http://mycraftroomblog.blogspot.com

Here is a picture of my little friends that watched Leno with me last night. Less Sleep! More Painting! Oh, and also a picture of our new kitten; Willow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Craft Fair for the Year

Saturday is my first craft fair for this season. I only did a couple last year, but they turned out pretty good. Being the queen of last minute, I am nowhere near ready so I need to get into crafting tornado mode. Here's a picture of my rustic hanging gourd just listed at www.jennifergoode.etsy.com

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bronze for Fall

This is the link to the treasury that my vintage fan was featured in. I'll chat more soon, I'm in laundry, dishes, picking up mode and tossing around the idea of an last minute garage sale at my shop on Saturday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Un Cluttering

jennifergoode's Shop Announcement

My newly listed vintage Items are going to be listed at www.epicepoch.etsy.com Please go visit, I have brought in some amazing treasures. I am making this change because we are producing some rustic furniture and crafts from our recycled wood and it is Gourd Season; MY PASSION! so, to un-clutter, this will be painted gourds, and hand made furniture and crafts. Epic Epoch will be amazing vintage, hand painted cottage decor and Cottage Style Wall decor.

don't forget
www.epicepoch.etsy.com Vintage & Cottage Style Decor & Photos
www.jgoode.net Certified Arborists
www.vintagevaultonmain.com Both etsy sites and our blog

This is the new Announcement on www.jennifergoode.etsy.com I have been doing some cleaning out and organizing everywhere in my life. My "Assertive" Personality (as a past counselor called it) took over and I dove back into our tree service business. It is hard to have a business with your husband, it is hard to know your role. I have tried jumping in head first and being out front and vocal like I have a habit of doing and I think that freaked him out that he was loosing control. I have stepped back and worked more on my crafts and then he tells me I don't help him and can't understand why I can't put that time and energy into our business. So last night I thought about how I want some things to go and became assertive again and cleaned out the shop to become very Tree Service oriented. I delegated work to my husband and Zack, who works for us and started my plan. Plan your work, Work your Plan! I'll let you know how it goes.

As far as my Etsy organization I uncluttered my shops. John has been cutting the most beautiful boards out of his tree removals; walnut, cherry, cedar and poplar. So, my www.jennifergoode.etsy.com is for our earth friendly wood, furniture and gourds and www.epicepoch.etsy.com is for vintage finds and hand painted cottage style decor and furniture. It is a hard decision for me because I have a bunch of hearts at my jennifergoode shop, but it was what I intended when I began this, I just got distracted by all the fun vintage. Tonight I am going to hit the hay early because I was up late last night with my plan.

The image is a fun little vintage wood box that I painted and distressed. It is still on the www.jennifergoode.etsy.com whoa.... this might get confusing. I hope I am making a good decision.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Hair

I have been so bad about blogging. Sorry! It has been a strange time around here. 6 kids and school and sports. A season in the tree service industry that I just haven't figured out yet. This is my first Halloween Gourd season to sell on Etsy and it has been going well. I will post my newest light up gourd ghost on a pumpkin. The other picture is my exciting new hair! I always figured it is easier to drastically change your hair than your life. It usually does the trick and gives you a new outlook on things. I am loving mine so far; my hair and my new outlook. John seems to love it also.