Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Day of the Rooster *** Yesterday was for Silly Rabbits

I have "Little Grandma's" Rooster gourd cleaned, carved and penciled how it will look and the inside prepped, so today is the day! But first, I guess I should get out of bed! Well, I have been out of bed I promise. I got up at 6:30 (late for me) and made coffee and put the pups out and then went back outside because Beavis was playing with my backpack that I put my climbing gear and hammock in. Luckily nothing that my life depends on working was in the bag at the time to get chewed on. Then I got back in bed and played on my artfire site. Ok, quick little tangent. I love Artfire is my site, I wish that it was over its Beta phase and had more traffic though. I am ready! It is such a user friendly site and I love how I get to work on my artisian shop and how you post items and I do love all the front page time that newly listed items get, however I'm ready for something more from them. My views are very low and the quality of the front page is very low. I realize again it is just in Beta, but it could be such an amazing place to be. I love the terms and the associations that you get to be involved in. I love the people on the forums and I love how my shop looks and the ease of making it my own. But, I hate the colors and the look of Artfire as a whole. I love that it automatically submits you to Google Base and that analytics is so easy to use and right there for you. But I hate seeing huge crappy pictures on the front page and...... well, I'm just ready for the to make the next step. I hope they do because it really is an amazing venue as an artist, it's just not much for a buyer/shopper and that really is the goal now isn't it. Well, just my little rant. Because this is where I come to talk to myself. Be happy I don't rant about my husband here. lol. That might get a whole other blog. I'll let you know the evil address of it! Muhawhawhaw!!!

Oh, and here is a bunny picture from yesterdays adverntures in gourd crafting. Like my daughter says; "Who needs friends when you make your own, mom?!"

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