Monday, February 23, 2009

The First of The Rooster Gourds

I finaly did it! It was just a matter of doing it, but I made a rooster gourd. I am very happy with the outcome and even happier with the picture thanks to Dorothy's suggestions on my items pictures. Visit her site at

Today my laundry room is full and John is home so I am going to try to sneek in some painting, but he doesn't understand and thinks I could be doing a lot more productive things, so we'll see. On the Business side of life I am going to make a schedule and start doing my quickbooks every Tuesday. And I am still hot on the idea of opening our shop up with a tentative date of March 4th. I got an email from a customer from a craft fair wanting to come see the shop and look for cottage decor. I'll let you know.

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