Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday To Do's

It is a chilly Sunday morning here in Missouri so I started going through my drawers to change out my summer clothes and get rid of things I don't really need and store things for next year. But, this fall I am making three piles; One for shop rags, one for storage for next summer, and another for the cocktails and clothes swap. I decided I am going to invite my female family and friends to the shop one evening and we can swap out our clothes that we would otherwise take to the goodwill. Also handbags and accessories. Then leave the rest and make one one trip to donate the unwanted ones. I think it sounds like a ball!

I am trying to get myself in canning mood and then one of my favorite blogs posted a strawberry jam tutorial. The pictures sucked me in after I put my 10 cents worth in the long list of comments (goto your edit list on the top of the page and then goto find and put in jennifer and hit next a couple times till you see my comment by jennifergoode, if your curious) I found a link to another blog that has cute little downloadable jar lables;

I am also getting the shop organized today and some projects finished up and pictures taken and listed. Should be exciting! Here is a picture of the first halloween gourd of the 2009 season! Enjoy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I made a Blog

I have some fun new painted things to list today so I am excited. I also have a couple recent mentions. I made a treasury and a blog also. What a beautiful blog. I only have a minute to post this then I'm off to box up some stuff. enjoy the links

The picture is a sneak preview of my new etsy site where I will feature vintage style prints in mats and on cards. It will be a way to inexpensively bring more vintage to your space and share your style with friends. I hated the idea of another site but I wanted to avoid some confusion and frustration when looking a products vs pictures of products. enjoy

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Made the Front Page

I made the front page! I saw it was a collection of cottage style decor and thought I might get some extra hits on my site this morning, then as I was looking at them I saw it! The suitcase I listed just last night. I'm so glad I worked late! I could scream I'm so excited!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

July Numbers are in

Well, I was down in sales in July, but I wasn't as hard as it as June. The Kiddo's and I had a lot of fun and play time in July and there were trees to be trimmed. But, I think I am back with a vengeance. I got my items over 100 for my Etsy site and that seems to be a good goal, because whenever I get over 100 products listed I sell a bunch and then the process starts over. So, I'm over 100 and back to painting in my little shop. LOVE THAT. Gourd Season is beginning so I am ready to start some halloween gourds. Let me see what I can dig up for a picture. Oh, I know; Henry, the giant bullfrog from the creek that now lives in our pond. Goodnight Henry.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vintage on a Blog

Look I made a blog! Mine is the teal sewing drawer that is holding little gourds. Gourd painting season is almost here. Can't Wait! I'll have weekend Lake pictures later today, just wanted to share my little mention in the blogosphere.