Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pumpkin Hollow Gourd Farm

I am in Heaven! A whole day with my Husband talking about trees and then a Gourd FARM! Someone pinch me! I have never seen gourds this big in real life and all different varieties. I can't wait to get them home. The farm didn't have power still from the ice storm but they had us and some other customers. 3 women came from Mountain Home AR and they were all smiles too. We all went around and made piles and it is so funny to see how each of us picked our gourds. I shake and set them on wood to make sure they stand up. Others hold them up and feel all over, others dig through bins and piles. It was great. The three women were so impressed that my husband walked with me with a cart to put the gourds in. He then went to the truck and made coffee on his little travel cook stove. That impressed the gourd farmer.

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