Thursday, September 3, 2009


I ran across this ring on Etsy. Garnet is my birthstone. Look at the meaning of Garnet. Garnet: The stone of passion and courage. Stimulates devotion to your family, your friends, yourself and your purpose or goals. Garnet will stimulate the senses, and increase your vitality and stamina. Loved it! I think I will try to live my next week with passion and courage and devotion to purpose or goals. I thought the lighting on the picture was stunning also. I think jewelry photo's would be a huge challenge. I have posted a picture of last nights photo challenge at my little shop. How do you display a hat well for a picture without having to be in the picture or have someone wearing it. I think I will keep trying on this listing to get a better picture. I love the color and light, however it doesn't show its shape well.

I have to take off and be a tree trimmer today. Wish me luck working with my husband. He does have a couple guys there also working for him, so he usually watches what he says to me in front of them. :)