Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Tree Huggers Coffee Hugger

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I just learned to knit so I could make scarfs for my snowman gourds this winter, but I am enjoying it.  Our small town of 600 people is trying to make a city park, so they are doing things to raise money like an aluminum can drive and volunteering to get the site in order.  So I thought I could help a little too by giving the proceeds of my knitted coffee sleeves to the Cleveland MO Park Fund.  I am also going to take my equipment and volunteer time, but I thought this might help with building items.  

My coffee sleeves are made from cotton yarn and can be washed, but hand washing is always best because I am adorning the sleeves with vintage items.  This sleeve is made from a soft cream and brown yarn and is wearing two very cool vintage white with green rose buttons.  

You may not live near Cleveland, MO but the trees we plant will help all of us and a great place for kids might help build future earth friendly leaders! 

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