Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vintage Vault on Main

Today is the first official day that the brick and mortar shop will be open to purchase items. I am not ready of course! But that is just like me, last minute. I have made some decisions in the last couple days after talking to the city and thinking some things through. John mentioned that people should be able to peek through the front windows and see a display, so I moved my super cool office that was up front. So now the front and main part is all showroom. Tasneam that is the City Manager encouraged me to get a separate business license and I think that is a good idea because the products are different than the environmental service. So, I did all my Missouri Applications online and picked a DBA; Vintage Vault. Then I purchased a domain; I was hesitant to have a different business name because my etsy site is jennifergoode and I have cards that say jgoode and we have everything linked, but I think it is the right decision if there is going to be any longevity. I think I will still have everything linked through the jgoode website and be able to use the cute jgoode cards for craft shows with gourds and a cute catchy descriptive name was important for the shop.

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