Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Headed Home

I think John is headed home today from New Orleans! I am excited to see him home, and it is getting a little busy! I have been doing about 2 bids a day so our job board is filling up. I can do about 1/3 of them and the rest needed him there. I was getting worried about when to do the jobs and how to open the shop up. The plan is still to open up this Thursday, Friday and Saturday to sell our vintage stuff and I have a few people that are already planning on coming. I had a chair featured in the Alfresco Gift Guide on Etsy yesterday and it was in the first position so it was shown on the front page over and over. It then sold last night. I'll show it off here. It was fun. I have another folding chair like it about to be finished this morning. Can't wait!

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