Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday Night

I am missing my husband terribly. Wow, didn't think I would type that. Just because I'm really ok with being independent and having time to do the things I need and want. I have been painting furniture like crazy to get the shop open. I stayed till about 10 tonight and an amazing table with a gorgeous amber finish will be dry tomorrow. I love listening to my music in bed and being on the computer at all times, but I realized today that it has been just over a month since he went to New Orleans for this job. Not only painting but still getting tree jobs done here at home. I had a great crew today; John's brother and a neighbor that has worked with John in the past. I had a plan how I wanted it to go and told the guys and let them figure out how to make it happen. It was perfect, they took care of getting the trucks there and they had a great system for getting the bigger trees down, so I did the fine pruning and headed to the back pasture for some clean up. My chainsaw was running so well I did the removals back there and had it in piles and all the hangers out so they just had to come pick it all up with the skid steer. Then I headed home, knocked the sawdust out of my hair, changed, washed the dirt off my arms and headed to the shop to turn the open sign around. Here are a couple things I finishe yesterday and today.

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