Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming Home Again-You Go Girl

Last Saturday I took 3 of the kids and headed to an auction in Ottawa KS.  I enjoyed it.  The kids got a few things that have sparked the imagination.  The farmers enjoyed bidding against a young women for wood working tools!  They were very confused that I wasn't hanging out at the Cookie Jar Collections or housewares.   But I seemed to have a whole week of "You Go Girl" Moments. Just a couple days before we got an emergency removal call here at home.  A 50ish foot tree hanging over a drive way.  I was the only crew and all the tools were scattered everywhere.  So after some gathering and what seemed like forever to cut the notch because all our saws were dull here, it dropped perfectly.  John told his boss in New Orleans about it and he said; "I would have liked to seen that.  I've never seen a woman do tree work."  

Yesterday I organized the shop from dropping all the auction stuff in the door and running off to New Orleans.  So today I am going to turn out some new cottage decor and work on my "Under the Sea" Gourd.  After I hit publish on this I am going to give the kids a list of stuff I want done around the house.  That should go over well.  Oh, and when I was in New Orleans we went to the knitting shop in the French corner and John had his knitted coffee cup sleeve on his latte and the shop owner Loved It.  I was so surprised that she hadn't seen one before.  I might have to make some for the local coffee shop.  Hmmmmm   The picture above is the lollipops I made for my niece's dance recital.  They turned out super cute.  

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