Monday, June 28, 2010

Marriage Secrets

I don't know the secret to marriage. I am probably not very good at it compared to my parents. They have been married forever and I don't remember ever seeing them have a blow out. When I was younger age 4-10 my parents did competitive trail riding. They would take their horses my brother and I and compete in a 50 mile trail ride and me and my brother would get to explore amazing places. When I was 10 this is all I could think about. I was now old enough to compete in the junior division and it was all I wanted to do. As I got into it more, my mom competed less. I didn't understand. We had 3 horses. I remember asking my mom one time why she wasn't going to compete this weekend. I was early teens now and she said she didn't really enjoy it that much. It was such a shock. They were a team. She was so happy doing it. She told me she did it for Dad so they could have a hobby together. I think that is one of the smartest marriage tips I ever heard and I wasn't even at an age I thought I would use it.

That is why I have a picture of a fish today. My husband likes to fish and we have a fishing boat and more fishing poles than I have knitting needles. He is at a time in his life that he feels guilty fishing, that he should be working, but sometimes I encourage him to get away. If you knew me before you would be surprised to hear about me fishing. I did it in the pond growing up, so I am not a total NEWBIE. And I have my own conditions that make it more enjoyable for me and make me wine less. I don't tell him this. Just like my mom. I take my knitting and a small battery operated light, a pillow, book and I have my own fishing pole and it is Pink.

He likes to catfish so that is night fishing in strange places. Saturday night we drove an hour and a half to Warsaw and fished by the dam. All night. Except I have a pillow, so I throw my line out, knit a little and go to sleep. I woke up around 5am and it was beautiful and quiet and my husband was sleeping restlessly. So I gave him my spot, oh yeah, I also pack a collapsible camping mat and my down sleeping bag. So he moved into my spot I covered him up with the soft sleeping bag and he slept on. I sat in the chair and watched the cranes and the fish flipping. There were so many that I couldn't stand that we hadn't had a bite the night before and the lake was going crazy now. There is one more thing that I bring that makes it better. I fish with worms. He doesn't think they will catch much, but that isn't my goal. I can put worms on my hook by myself and not bother him when he is in the heat of it. So I put my worm on and cast my beautiful pink fishing pole. Every time I cast it I would get nibbles and have to put another worm on. It was fun. Then I caught one. That woke him up, kinda. So to show my commitment to this marriage I even took the baby catfish off the hook by myself so he wouldn't have to get up. My first time. And this cute little guy swam off happily. Thanks mom.

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