Thursday, June 24, 2010

In the Bag

I worked today, hard! Almost as hard as I worked yesterday in 96 degree heat. So, when we were finished trimming trees I snuck off. I took a shower first because, like I said, I worked HARD. So I earned this bag of yummy yarn. I worked that hard. My favorite yarn shop is closing on Saturday so I had to go one more time. It is bittersweet. I love the deal I got on this soft, beautiful, collection of colors and textures, but this is where I learned to knit. These are the women I knit with and knit and drank wine with. I don't even have projects for this yarn, but like Julie said when she was ringing it up; you never want to be caught without sock yarn. Oh, and the picture of the baby is her realizing that there is an outside world and I was in it and she was not.

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