Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer of the Boy

We are a Re-Tread, a combined family, the real Brady Bunch. He has 3 kids and I have 3 kids. Then we got married and their were 8, four girls and twin boys. The first three years we had all of them full time except for an occasional JC weekend (Joint Custody or Thank Jesus Christ) but as they grow and become self obsessed, dramatic......I will stop before I say too much, Tweens, they start to try living at Mom's or spending more time at Dad's. So, needless to say, summer time is a weird schedule with the kids. The oldest girl is in Boston visiting family and keeps in touch by twitter and facebook. Weird I tell ya. The youngest is Grandma's buddy and flitting around to all her social events, and the middle girls are with their mom doing God Know's what! I won't even get into that. Lately I have been outnumbered by boys; John (Hubby) and Cale and Brennen (my twins) and the neighbor boy is staying with family up the street for the summer so he has joined the fun in bringing dirty boy stuff to my life. Super Weird!

So this weeks pictures have been outdoor boy fun. Playing on the slip n slide they won for reading 5 books. I know! Already! I am so proud. The bucket of crawdad's making noise in my kitchen. Don't they live outside in a creek? Do they suddenly need air conditioning? And the great Bass tournament. Well, three boys on a big pond with fishing poles and a canoe. I have been told to stay away so they can be boys and mom doesn't go nurture them. Me? Do That? Well, at least I'm going to pack them snacks and a water jug.

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