Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Secret has Been Exposed

They found out. I take my daughter to her Orthodontist appointment and drop her off. I know not mother of the year material, but I have a good reason. A better reason than the garage sales down the street. The orthodontist office makes me nauseous. So, when it was time to explain something by the nurse, Caitlyn admitted that I wasn't there, then the Dr. asked why she proceeds to tell them; The Orthodontist makes her nauseous. The doctor and the nurse reply; "We make your mom Nauseous?" But I showed back up before she was done and got all the instructions. After I get the rundown of how I am supposed to twist her expander 18 more times. My least favorite thing on this Earth to do. They asked me why they make me nauseous. I told them it wasn't personal and it wasn't them, there is just something about the smell of the office and it brings old braces memories back. It immediately makes my face hurt and my stomach sick and I get dizzy. Really, I'm not that kind of girl that faints. I trim trees 70 feet above ground in ice storms with high winds, but something about the ortho that gets me.

So, I had to admit to hitting the garage sales in the neighborhood. Look what I got; 4 gorgeous scarves. The ladies at the nurses office are walking down there on lunch. Please don't mind my home office in the background. I had to put the red polka dot one on as soon as I got home!

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