Monday, June 14, 2010


I am in housecleaning mode and since I am a granola girl who prefers to go organic I mixed up some carpet freshener in a mason jar and sprinkled it on. It consists of; 1 box baking soda, a handful of dried lavender flowers and a handful of dried peppermint, then a tsp full of grapefruit essential oil. I shook it up and sprinkled it on my carpet. It is sitting there and I am in bliss. My house isn't completely clean, but from where I sit at my computer screen in the parlor, it sure smells like it is Perfectly Clean!

So, since I am soothed by the lavender and we just did a roll call for the KC Etsy Team, let me share some of my fellow artisans purple pride.

Round Ball Style Handmade Felted Wool Beads in Bright Fuschia
By; Shalana of the Funky Felter

Heart of Inara Serenity Necklace
By; Thyme2dream

Flower Sparkle Hair Pin Vinyl Barrette in regal purple
By Annebvinyl

Bird of Love Incense Burner
By; Glazedearth

Purple Dragon - ACEO Original Watercolor - Cute Dragon By Allison Stein

Purple Birdies Tote Bag
By; AuntJune


  1. Thanks Jennifer, I am in great company!

  2. Thank you! I'm honored to be included with such lovely sellers :)