Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Work

This Saturday I am rearranging rooms, washing and switching drapes, moving stuff around and knitting on my sock. We are moving our office out of the brick building up the street. It is a good move. We have tightened our little company up and we don't need the space or the extra expense. So, all of the craft stuff and vintage furniture I have stored there needs to find a home. I have started switching things around here at home to make room. I am thinking craigs list might be in my future for some of these big items. Well, I started in the kids rooms. They think it is great fun and have really pitched in. They love their new spaces and have new make believe games to go with it. I love that!

Look at the vintage boxes that are growing in my house! ahhh what a way to go, to be buried under my favorite things. And the other picture is the update for my sock knitting. I can't believe I am making something with a shape. I am enjoying making something with a form and a good purpose. Look at the super cute Stitch Markers. I got them from She has the yummiest chunky yarn

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