Sunday, January 17, 2010

Front Page Blues

I made the front page treasury at the wee hours of 6am yesterday. I made a widget of it on the side of my blog. It is the beautiful teal collection of goodies. I have been wondering what are going to be the strong colors this year. I find myself still loving the teals and turquoise and light blues, however I suddenly am drawn to orange and pomegranate. "Anything Green is Good" is still top of my list of beliefs and color choices. I seem to only knit in green. So today I am adding the collection I was lucky enough to be included in on the side and pictures of some of my favorite things of color to this post. Enjoy and have a great day. Oh and I really want to paint a room gray this year. Yarn is from
Wreath is found here; Shabby Style Boxes

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