Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is Anybody going to San Antione, or Phoenix Arizona

I shouldn't be blogging today. I should be in the dessert. I shouldn't look out to see snow right now. I should be in my hammock with my hiking boots tied to one side and the sun blazing overhead catching up on a night of flying and hiking. We used to be able to pack up and be hiking somewhere by morning. We tried. We gave it our all! John and I couldn't take another day here in 5 degrees and our "Ramblin Fever" was coming out. One of us was bound to run and errand and just keep driving. So we pulled out the backpacks and gear and went through everything and packed and repacked and looked on the internet and found tickets for $220 roundtrip to Phoenix. When we were impressed with our packing skills; my pack was 21 lbs and his was 24.5 lbs. We decided we would have even better luck to just go to the airport and see where we end up. Have you tried to be spontaneous with a airplane lately? In Kansas City? It's not like Atlanta where there is always someone working and things are buzzing. We got there at 1:30 am. Yes We Were Completely Sober (just on a mission). The ticket counters would open back up at 5am.

We learned a lot however; ticket counters are not open all night, our hiking boots aren't as comfortable as we remember, 3 concourses of hiking just to see what is going on is a good test of your pack weight and boot fit, What time they clean the floors at KCI and I got to eat at a Denny's I've never been to before.

This is probably a good thing. Now I can run up to the snowy :( city and pay my car payment and I can catch up some housework. I can also post the new treasures I found yesterday while out hunting (before the whim to take off). I can also show you my new favorite local artist; Her jewelry is beautiful and you can see her passion for perfection and detail in her gorgeous photography of her products. I just love the rich color and artful display while in perfect focus for her subject. So the blog pics today are Ambers yummy products, oh and you can order from her blog. Super handy when it is 800 foot of snow outside. BAHHHH I want the desert!

Also, check out the patch I found while treasure hunting yesterday. I think I need a mechanics shirt to put it on! Also, I am going to start doing a give away on my blog. Here's how it works; leave me a comment and I'll draw a name and send that person a surprise! Ok, maybe I'm the only one who likes a total surprise so I'll tell you what it is. This week it will be an Original, Hand Painted, One of a Kind, Gourd Birdhouse like the one pictured and it will be signed and dated by me. So leave me a comment and tell your blogging buddies to come by and leave me a hello and I'll draw a winner on Wednesday. Oh, I think we'll call it Wiener Wednesdays.... errr I mean Winner Wednesdays. So the above pics are; sample of the Birdhouse prize, My new craft sew on Emblem, and Ambers Gorgeous Jewelry.

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  1. Jen,
    Love the spontaneous story. It made me laugh out loud! Enjoy your posts on JMS.
    smiles, alice