Saturday, May 15, 2010

In the Dark

My husband went to Louisiana at the beginning of the oil spill to set up a plan to help clean up between our two companies. I was not there and I can only give you the impression that I got from what he told me, but it seems that everyone is being kept in the dark. It seems that no one is really jumping in to try to do anything productive. There was a lot of get on this list and get on that list and we will contact you. There were people ready to go to work, but were not being put to work on it. The reports I hear in the news that reach the mid west do not seem to be so concerned about the environmental impact. Like it really hasn't hurt anything yet. Maybe if there was a huge black oil blob over the beach then people could see the impact. My husband stayed on the beach in a tent the week it started. There is an environmental impact. You may not see it as a large oil slick like the pictures from the Valdez years ago, but this picture was taken two weeks ago at the beginning, just imagine now. I'm just saying...

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