Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is July Over

Rough is the word for this month. I mentioned in my last post how my heart hurt from getting rid of the shop, well then I kept getting strange information about the 3 girls staying with their mom this summer. Things were just making me nervous. Then Audrie was left at a party so I picked her up and kept her with me and the twin boys. We have been at the Lake of the Ozarks a lot having a great time, then light dawns on Marblehead; the two older girls want to move to their mom's house. This is understandable in a way, but their mom left them almost 9 years ago. It hurts and I feel stupid and I have to realize this isn't about me, but I don't understand. Audrie doesn't want to go to her mom's, and that makes me worry that things are strange there. Nothing has changed with their mother, she doesn't have custody and she has moved 5 times in the last 2 years and lived w/ many men and owes 38k in back child support, but we wont go into how the system is one sided and won't go after a woman like they do a dead beat dad. So, I haven't been posting and my thoughts haven't been fun arts and crafts, but as soon as I get this out I will get back to it.

I have found some great vintage finds and have got my etsy site back to 100 items so watch out here I come. Painting will help me I'm sure. I swear I need to write about the Evil Stepmom's side of the story!!! Better news on the next post. Promise!

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