Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still No Girls

It is 6pm and their mom was supposed to bring them back at 5pm. My stomach is in a knot and I'm upset. These games are not fair. Ok, I have to think of something else. John has gone out to the garden to plant more green beans so he isn't watching out the window. I am listing a lot of vintage items. I have the base coat on some fun furniture up at the shop so I might head up there and turn the music up loud and finish some vintage furniture.

On Etsy I started a Destash section and listed some beautiful yarn. I am also making some plans for selling my pictures as matted prints. I have been wanting some for my walls at home and I know the wonderful people I meet as I treasure hunt would enjoy them. I have also had some feedback from people viewing my site that has brought this on.

Note to self; Expand on how to wear pins and brooches as a foot in the door for a sales job in my next blog.

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