Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fishing in The Ocean for His Birthday

My husband got a phone call Friday evening asking him to fill a spot on a crew in New Orleans.  This is strange since usually he is the one bringing the crew to the jobs but times are different and the company was already renting our bucket truck, so a steady check sounded good.  So yesterday he was starting to get antsy so I told him that I would feel better about it if he would make the drive in 2 days instead of trying to kill himself in one.  He said; "Really, I was kindof thinking that too."  He was really excited to get there early and fish in the ocean.  This morning he called to tell me happy mother's day and he said thank you for letting him fish on his Birthday.  
I have fun vintage stuff to list this week and I stocked up my vintage chairs to repaint.  I should have lots of time with John out of town.  I am going to open the doors to the shop this week also.  Just a couple more weeks of school and the summer is already sounding crazy with the 6 kids.  All four girls seem to have plans other than me so it may be little boys and the beach in New Orleans!  Who Knows!  I guess that is the fun of living life by the day.  
My birdhouse (above) was picked for a treasury, so say a little prayer that it makes the front page.  

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