Saturday, May 16, 2009

Morning in New Orleans

I booked a flight Thursday to come see John in New Orleans.  I didn't want to leave everything but he was pouting.  I arrived Friday afternoon with no troubles and we had a wonderful evening and morning.  I am so glad I did.  It seemed to help him also.  He is enjoying the work down here but it is a whole different life for him.  He is staying in a nice apartment with 3 young guys and they don't have furniture, but they seem to work well together and live well together.  He even made fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy for them.  I think tonight I will get their key and have dinner ready for them when they all get done working.  So that leaves the rest of my day to explore New Orleans.  I am doing John's laundry at my hotel then I'm out to the old town.  I think I am going to look up Etsy Artists that have brick and morter shops down here and check them out.  I would love to find some antique shops and flea markets.  

The guys are working on the New Orleans City Park and it is beautiful!  Huge Live Oaks with branches so big they touch the ground and grow back up.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  My plane fly's out early tomorrow.  I wish I had a couple more days.  :(  

Above is a picture of our Brownie girls at the Kansas Arboretum for their bridging ceremony.  They are now Girl Scouts!

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