Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pinch Me, I'm in Garage Sale Heaven

Friday I had to go do a bid in Kansas city so I mapped out the garage sales up there from craigs list.  I then got lost but found my heaven in Independence.  I think this woman had been collecting antiques for 40 years!  I then ran home with a few purchases and had to drop off some things and pick up some meat from Grandma.  I had to pee so bad that I stopped in the shop instead of going home because it was 1/2 a mile closer.  The shop had been closed up all winter so as I was unzipping I smiled at the artistry of the mice to the roll of toilet paper.  So as I was sitting there with my pants to my ankles I grabbed the roll on the back of the stool that was untouched by the mice.  As I tore off my piece a spider fell out of the middle and into my pants.  I then preceded to strip and dance around wildly to find the spider.  After all this happened I headed back up to Independence to pick up the very cool metal lawn chairs I had paid for but didn't have room for.  I drove around for 2 hours and couldn't find it and couldn't find her phone number because when I was trying to get the spider out I shook the paper with her number out of my pocket.  I went home defeated, but started fresh Saturday afternoon and found the number, found the house and found some new friends.  I picked up my chairs and a truckload of other treasures and talked to Joe and Shirley for at least an hour.  As I was loading up Joe told me not to run off and brought out an old bowling ball bag and in it the yard art bowling ball he had made with dragon tears and teal paint.  It is sooo neat!  Check out the pictures o the goodies and the new paint job on my chairs.  

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