Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Favorite Shoes

The email I sent to lepiedleger on etsy  There you are front and center! I can't tell you how much I love mine! I am 35 with 6 kids and they make me feel like I am still 20 years old, barefoot, living in the rocky mountains with a sundress, a jeep and not much of a job! Except now I can feel that way and go in public in Kansas City (a much more close minded place) and have my hippy, grass missing feet still covered, but totally feel barefoot. My youngest daughter, who we call "mini me" wants a pair. She is size 2 in childrens and loves Pink. But she is still an outdoor girl so maybe just a little pink added to them so they don't look dirty all the time. Lol see I am an adult now and worry about those things. It is no hurry and if you want me to pay 1st so you can get materials and not be stuck with a childs size just put a reserved up for me and convo me and I will pay for them. I am so happy for you and I think I am going to put this link on my blog and brag about you some more. *Hugs* Jennifer

What a talented Etsian and when I wear her shoes I feel like I am being environmentally responsible. I saw a pair in a gift feature and ordered pair number 3.  Just last night I saw her in another gift gallery so I checked her site and she has just sold pair number 44.

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