Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Post

I know, really creative title.  That might sum up my mood today though.  Usually these are very quick and all about the crafts, however I am so mad at my kids and I hate taxes.  I am having a hard time understanding why kids don't have the sense of pride in their home that their mom has.  Why would you throw your muddy shoe up against the side of the house?  In the Front!  Maybe the same reason Dad pulls the old couch outside the garage on Monday to go to the trash man that comes on Friday.  Why am I having a rash of "I didn't do it's" coming from their mouths?  Why is it so hard to pick up your towel from the floor?  Why do I have to do the business taxes?  I don't know how to do them, I have always had a job with a payroll and you go to the tax man and it takes 30 minutes and I get a return or make a payment.  Why do I have to be the evil stepmom?  Their mom never has to deal with bad attitudes or bad manners, or bad hair days when she is only around 4 days a month.  At the most!  Is it me or have all the kids gone crazy and what do I do to fix it.  Or is it because John was home for a long weekend and so anything I say or a schedule that we usually have is completely out the window?  I guess if I accomplish something today I will feel better, but it is only 8am and I have already gone to 2 schools, cleaned the kitchen, showered, makeup, picked up trash in the yard, blogged, and cleaned my room.  Don't these things count for accomplishing something?  Not in my life, or a mom's life I guess.  I'll let you know how it goes. Today, a picture of my puppy; Aspen, because he makes me happy, except all the trash in the garage he pulled out yesterday!    

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