Monday, November 2, 2009

The List

I have started my list of todo's and as usual I have more than six things on it. I was told while in sales to only put 6 things on your list so it is not overwhelming and you will feel accomplishment as you finish a list. So, I'll type fast so I can cross this off my list.... and then probably add another thing.

I was so lucky and got one of the last booths at the 15th Annual Central Nazarene Craft and Cookie sale in Lenexa. If you have never been to this craft fair (which I hadn't until this weekend) put it on your list of things to do before you die. This is the most beautiful, well run, relaxed craft fair I have ever been to. It isn't your normal bake sale, they bake cookies and you get to buy them by the lb all day so when you walk in you are accosted with the smell of fresh baked heaven. This is after the door was opened for you and you are greeted and happily signed up for a door prize. There were 40 vendors and they were all handmade items of all different types. I was the only gourd painter and I did very well. More than that, I learned so much and enjoyed myself and my husband came and joined me and he was a lot of fun too. Put it on your calendar for next year Oct. 30, and 31st on 87th next to the Lenexa Police Department. It is worth it.

So I am in full on craft mode to step up my game. I spent yesterday making hand dipped scented bulbs to put in my gourds. I am very excited. I think they are super cute and they smell wonderful. I sold all my snowman heads that have the bulb sticking out for a nose so I will finish one (it's on the list) and show you the light in action. I am going to list them on my site so if you have a gourd already you can get a scented bulb to put in it too. I will also have them at my next couple craft fairs. Sunday Nov. 8th is in Oregon MO 10-3 at the TJ Hall Building on the West side of the Courthouse. It will benefit the Hope House and feeding local Families. Oregon Missouri is up by St. Joe. Then my favorite is Nov. 13th and 14th at Silvercrest Retirement Community on old Metcalf and just North of 135th St. This is where my Grandma and John's Grandma (coincidence really) both live so it is fun and all the residents also sell their handmade items. One woman that is in her 90's makes the most amazing decorated eggs. The details rival Faberge. Stunning. I will post a picture of my new scented bulbs taking over my laundry room. Yes, I'll have to move them today because doing laundry is on the list.

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