Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Timer Just Dinged on the Pie

I am in a perfect spot. Thanksgiving is Tomorrow. I just pulled the most beautiful pumpkin pie from the oven and wrapped up creamy mashed potatoes and the sweet potatoes are cooking. I have extra pumpkin puree from the pumpkins the kids and I went and picked from Rigney Farms today and it is about to be stored in 1 cup servings in the freezer. I will volunteer for pumpkin pie for Christmas this year! I am having a cocktail and blogging and my house is fairly clean. My Handsome husband is sleeping on the couch, which means he isn't trying to make all my food better and change my recipes and I feel like Queen of My World. Ahhh, sometimes I win.

Ok, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend; KC Etsy is promoting our stores and each other this year and let me recommend you visit these amazing artists in the link. Buying handmade and vintage is very selfish! Yes you are giving a gift, but you are making yourself feel so good when doing it. Don't lie to yourself, you may see the sparkle in their eye and the huge smile on their face when they receive that one of a kind gift, but really it is how it made you feel to support our local economy, local artists, environmentally friendly artists and you probably recycled in there somewhere. So, give handmade and get warm fuzzy's! Click on our link for more info and a list of participating shops.

I will be having free shipping on Gourds and marked down prices on Vintage Serving and Entertaining Pieces. Please get lost in their amazing shops and stop by mine also. We all appreciate your time.

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