Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Knee Deep in Gourdness

I had so much fun at the St. Joseph's Craft fair on Saturday that I was overcome with the urge to do another one. I left some messages yesterday and got a call back from an excited woman who checked out my website and they had just opened up another room for their 15th annual Christmas Craft show in Lenexa. I wasn't ready for last weeks, how am I going to get ready for this one!

I have been inspired by Peggy, a Stampin Up Consultant who I met Saturday, to have a killer booth ready way before the doors open. I just haven't figured out how the Queen of Last Minute is going to reach that goal. Check out Peggy's fun blog and her pictures of her booth. http://mycraftroomblog.blogspot.com

Here is a picture of my little friends that watched Leno with me last night. Less Sleep! More Painting! Oh, and also a picture of our new kitten; Willow.

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