Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yes It is 4am

The alarm went off at 3:15 so I got up and made coffee and packed snacks for my favorite tree climber. John came home for the night but had to leave early this morning. He is still working at the Tyson Residence in Arkansas and then he gets to start on their corporate headquarters. I am so proud of him.

I posted more vintage pins yesterday and more to come today. I found some really cool ones! I am hoping to finish my neck cowl that I'm knitting because I have some beautiful wool coming from an etsy seller. I'm not sure if I will finish up the 2 gourd baskets I have started here because our dishwasher stopped working and you can't believe the dishes that 8 people accumulate in just a day. I was hoping it would start working again so I didn't stay on top of it and now I have to catch up. Good thing I'm up early because it should take up all the extra time! Here is one of the pins I just posted. It is so fun. Find it on

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