Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Hello

I have been absent, but only from my artsy fartsy side. I have been working in Oklahoma doing ice storm recovery and helping the city of Purcell restore their electricity and get rid of dangerous hangers in the trees over streets. I will fill you in in upcoming posts. It was thrilling working with such a purpose in a dangerous situation in a group of people that are always running on adrenaline and coffee to get the job done and people taken care of. My pictures (when I had time to take them) are on the camera in Oklahoma. When the power was restored things settled down and I got to come home and be a mom. However, I have still been up at 5am starting the phone calls and paperwork to keep it going down there. I made this box out of a sewing machine drawer before I left and now it is organizing fuel receipts. Yuck, I'd rather be gassing, oiling and warming up chainsaws. So, this post is more of a teaser than anything else. So stay tuned because I will be posting more on the ice storm, my daughters high school formal, a revue on gear we used that kept us working 14 hours at a time in frozen conditions and furniture I'm painting to take to this weekends art fair. Check out the Gypsy post below for more info on the art show.

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  1. That is just stinkin' cute! You're so creative to see past the sewing machine drawer!