Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Love Lifted

I have lifted this blog idea from my FAVORITE blog; Here is the link; BUT WAIT! DONT GO YET BECAUSE IT WILL SUCK YOU IN.
Because I woke up this morning not ready to get out of bed and straighten up messes and deal with the DMV and go run a stump grinder instead of going to the craft show in Westport. Yep, one of the guys is leaving today so I need to go take his place to keep the trucks running. Tree Service has to come before Crafts, but I haven't ever had to make a choice like this before and I'm bummed out. So I read the Pioneer Woman's blog about what she loves and it was a good positive spin on the morning. Here goes, I'm lifting her love list and making my own.
Things I Love:
Strong Black Coffee
Kisses from my Kids
John's Girls
Sam the Cat Chasing my feet when I move them under the covers
Finishing Something
Merle Haggard
My MacBook
A Good Business Card
A Clean Car
My Grandma always being sweet and happy
Ice Skating
Still Being My Dad's Girl
My Mom (things I love about mom and dad and grandma and kids could be a whole post)
To See my Husband Climb Trees
My Mother In Law and Her Strong Spirit
My Father in Law's big smile and love of the Fox News Channel
Gourd Farms
Pink Sharpie's
Four Wheel Drive
Antique Furniture
Holly the Dog lying under the table when I sit at it
Get together's at the Goode's house
Cowboy boots with soles that slide
Gators (the kind you wear over your boots and pants)
My Husky 346 Chainsaw with a sharp chain
Diamond Stud Earrings
Thick Textured Paper
My cousin Kelly's Sense of Humor
My cousin Kim's Pep Talks
My cousin Brian's ability to help me with junk trucks
My brother Matt as my best friend
Journey; Super Super Super mom and wife to my best friend, Matt.
My adventurous, sweet and well mannered nieces
A Wood Burning Stove
My uncles Pottery
My husbands perfect body
My daughters love of books and good grades
Nikon Camera's
the color Green
camping in a hammock
boat rides
our small town
The smell of fresh cut Cedar
The Farm
pictures of my Grandad
knitting with the grandma's at Silvercrest on Wednesday
Wearing a Dress
My cousin's wife CiCi
Red Bud Trees
Growing Herbs
Merino Wool Socks
The way my Mom puts the perfect finishing touches on my Gourds
Sprouts Yarn Shop
Aunt Joyce's Hair Do's
Aunt Mary Saying "By God"
Fort Collins
The Rocky Mountains
Santa Fe New Mexico
Developing pictures in a Dark Room
My mini jigsaw
My Gorgeous Sister in Laws Support; Debbie, Suzanne, Mary Margret
Reedy's Green Chili Sauce and taco night at their house
All my new nieces and nephew's I get from marrying John
my Blackberry
Down Comforters
All day lipstick "Beer Drinkin Lipstick" was my term in the old days
Walnut Furniture
Shopping with my Husband
Uncle Matt and David just around the corner with chainsaw gas
Eureka Springs
Table Rock Lake
Live Music
a freezer full of Beef
Road trips without planning ahead
my pink fishing pole
Wearing my Husbands down Coat
Grandma Bradin's magic craft drawers
Charlie and Vern at Vermeer
Having a Plan
Gordon Ramsey on BBC
Riding a good horse
Fall at the Rigney's Pumpkin Patch
Live Oaks

Ok, I think I can brave the DMV and go to Oklahoma and grind 150+ stumps. Happy Valentines Day! What do you love?

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