Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bike Ride Sunday

We are headed out for a bike ride with the little ducklings. I just wanted to drop in and show you what I have been making. It is that time of year you put gourd crafting into high gear, but I got distracted by all the wonderful herbal scents I have hanging out so I stopped by the local drug house... I mean craft super store Micheal's and grabbed some soy wax chips. It was so nice to use in a double broiler and the essential oils mixed easy. I poured them into antique jars that are overflowing my shelves and voila my house smells grrrreat.

I'll let you know how the bike ride goes. My bike needs a repair and I think that I am the last person my husband will fix something for. Like a wise wife said to our buddy, her husband; "I wish I had your number." cause he sure could help out a friend and fix stuff for others. Ok, I got distracted. My bike only has one pedal so I may have trouble getting up hills, but I will be like a bullet going downhill. Sounds like a fun day huh?

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