Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Finds

John and I drove to Table Rock Lake on Sunday and took down a huge, dead Sycamore tree at a customer's lake house. It went great. It was one of those trees that scared me to see my husband in. I am glad I can type that because marriage lately has been a constant test. Since this is a blog I will keep it all sweet and sugar coated, but if you have ever worked with your spouse or had step children you can probably fill in the blanks. Any who.... On the way back we stopped for lunch and since he has been in the doghouse I asked if we could walk through the antique store next door.

It is not torture for him, we used to enjoy it. I am not a horrible person for making him do it and using his being a jerk lately to get something. We enjoyed it, and look what I found. This wonderful antique suitcase full of old linens. The linens have been washed and they are going on the line. A bunch will be tea stained and then become something. Can't wait.

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