Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trimmin Trees and Takin Names

Today was a day of tricky tree trimming. There was a micro-burst in Kansas city a week ago and that part of town had big soft maples and elms and cottonwoods. The first one was a "tank and spank" get in get out. Cut up the fallen soft maple, stack the firewood and drag the rest to the curb to come back and pick up with the skid steer. The Second was also a silver maple fallen into the neighbors tree and wedged and heavy. It involved a rope, 2 chainsaws and a big dodge truck bumper. These are the ones that scare me. That tree may flip out just like I do occasionally and snap either way from the pressure it has been under. It went well and it is now ready to pick up too. Successful raid on Ruskin. Sorry about the gaming terms, they just sneak in there sometimes.

I came home, shipped a couple packages. I always think its fun to see something I painted go to Hollywood! Then I listed a couple of gourds on the new site. This gourd It is all dressed up for country decor in my handmade grubby spools and antique buttons. I love antique buttons.

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