Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Put on the Breaks!

Whoa! Ok, I had another post in mind for today, because I went to a new gourd farm yesterday, but I'm so PO'd about DWTS that I want to speak my mind so I can go on with my life. WTH? WTF? Brandy might not be the perfect Madonna figure for; "The meek shall inherit the Earth", but the woman is a beautiful dancer and this is a dancing competition where we as housewives get to sit at home and dream about being the one's doing the complicated steps. And let me remind you; dancing with the STARS! I got pregnant before I was married too. I did manage to wait until I hit the ripe age of 20, but where is the STAR part of being a teen mom? I like Bristol. I was rooting for her for many weeks, but I think she has a little bit of an attitude and I would rather see a real competition. If you want to root for the underdog and take your rally caps off then do it for Kyle. What a personality that is still down to earth and to move his little sausage shape like that takes as much work as Bristol has put into it. I liked the show. I liked to be able to sit down and watch something that wasn't about sex and solving a murder, rape crime. But now it is just like any other reality tv show, and it took us back to the bummer that is reality.

And, by the way; GO TINA FAY!
oh and my own personal quote; "There is a special place in hell for women that support women only because they are women. Think for yourselves." Jennifer Goode

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