Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday - Back to the Ice and a trip to Little Grandma's

It is 5:43 and I have been up for an hour and 43 minutes. Dogs have been out. 2 pots of coffee made and 3 egg sandwiches made and packed for the drive. Sleeping bag cleaned and packed and John is on his way. Still having trouble finding help to work. I thought unemployment was high?

I think the Post Office change to 5 days delivery is interesting. I wonder how it will affect Etsy and Artfire. I think it will be fine and every business needs to think of creative ways to cut back.

I am going to have lunch with Grandma Slusher today. I am looking forward to it but I really should clean my car out. I can't wait to see where she wants to go shopping. She is still the best shopper I have ever met. My mom is a close second.
This picture is the ice storm in Arkansas. Lots of work, but lots of Red Tape! Yuck!

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